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Delicious, plump, chemical Free, Wild Scallops.

Flash frozen & portioned into 1lb vacuum sealed packs. See photos

U11 (XXL) size scallops have 9-11 scallops per lb. These are our largest scallops

U13 (XL) size scallops have 11-13 scallops per lb.

U15 (L) size scallops have 13-15 scallops per lb.

Thawing & Preparation insurance:

(Thaw over night in the fridge) OR (Quick thaw in an hour, remove desired scallops from the package, use Cold water to rinse away the ice-glaze (less than 30 seconds), place bag in a sealed bag and immerse in cold water for 30-60 mins)

(I personally cook from frozen, as we do not always know what we are having for dinner)

DO NOT REFREEZE once fully thawed.

Once your scallops are completely thawed, pat dry to avoid too much moisture outside, season with a little salt & pepper to boost flavor, if you wish (I just use butter and garlic in the sauce pan).

Sear on a hot pan for 120 seconds on each side. Turn up the heat to achieve pleasant browning. Serve immediately.

WILD Scallops - Price per lb

C$32.94 Regular Price
C$27.00Sale Price
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