😍 March 31st Freshly made the same day!

Delivery in South Delta.


Pickup in Ladner for 1$ off each bowl!

(Add on extra Tuna or Sockeye please request separately, 4$)

SPECIAL ~ 72$ for 4 bowls! (Put your order in for your 4 choice bowls, and ignore the total price at the end, select - pay etransfer and pay the discounted total via etransfer or cash for the discount) Wild Sockeye Salmon is 2$ extra on any bowls with this deal.


Please enquire about pickup.

More available dates to come!


Only available by order. Delivery times 1230-630pm (not available? Leave out a cooler!)


Ingredients in One:

(2 dips on the side, 1 Sriracha Mayo & 1 Seasame Vinaigrette) n

~Sliced Mango~Diced Carrot~Diced Green Onion~Sliced Radish~Seasoned Seaweed Slices ~Sushi Ginger ~Seasame seeds ~Sushi Rice ~Sliced Cucumber ~Edamame Beans~Sliced Avocado~Ahi Tuna Cubes (12 Cubes) add on available as an option $4.

(Dont like Tuna, no problem, free substitution for Sautéed TOFU or Veggie/fruit!! Or 2$ additional for Wild Sockeye Salmon)


  • There are multiple ways to create your Poke bowl.  If you are ordering more then one Poke bowl with different options in each bowl, add each bowl to your cart seperately. 

  • If you are picking up your order, please use the code PICKUP at checkout. 

    Pickup will be under your name at Camilles Boutique in Ladner 

    4876 Delta Street